Dead of Sleep

by Crucified

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released September 9, 2014



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GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Dead of Sleep
Hateful stipulation. Murderous sensations cripple me.
Paralyze by your distorted cries. Victim to sleep. Lucid
Dreams control the fear in me. Save me from the sleep and
The horrors that eat at me. There is no one left to notice me.
Condemned to distress. Give me sleep. Dried eyes cold inside.
Cautious suffering. Nothing redeemed in this deep sleep.
The sleep I want isn't the sleep that I need. Quick death come to me.
Cold and suffering for the deep sleep.
Track Name: Conduit
Vengeful hand - submit me to violence
Torture - Sleepless painful nights

Seize myself from their cold fingers; they burn at their stony touch.
My mind feeds me the images I can't bare to witness. Nightmares are
All I've created. Hallucination within redemption. Their eyes will never release me.
Bring me back to reality. No one left to believe in me. Just another fucking disease
Is my awakening. Broken medium between our bullshit realm. A cancerous domain of a living hell.
Delusion filled nights taken apart. Conduit of sleep - I'll forever hurt.
Track Name: Unworthy
Manifest your self-hatred through me. Redemption through resentment. I am the cancerous son.
Contempts only spawn. Disappointment's true love. In me you regret. Everything you know,
I now share. Drowned emotion. Self-loathing. I'm the dim moon to a dying sun. Tie my life
by the neck. Watch it hang as I break. I'll always hate you and myself.
Track Name: Apathy
Push it to the point where you know I won't quit. Take it all away make me dig my own ditch.
Told me I was chosen, told me I was saved. All your lies inside me burn like my hate.
You say you understand, you say know my hurt. The dark will find you - no matter where you hide.
Apathy - the numb you'll have when you die. It takes name with innocence - takes you by the hand
Stare down the sun and enjoy it while you can. Drugs to numb us all. Divided we fall. All alone.
On my own. As everything around me turns to shit. I can't stay away from the filth I love.