by Fight It Out

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released December 22, 2010



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GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Save Yourself
There’s no faith to help me now. All hope is lost our gods are dead. And there’s no helping me out as we embrace this bitter end. No use to fucking pray now. I won’t get worked up on false hope. I’m cutting all my ties now. I don’t believe in anything. Nothing can save me from myself. I’m stuck in my own hell. There’s nothing that can help me out now.
Track Name: Losing Touch
I’m going around in circles and I’m right back where I started. I’ll keep following no one and searching for nothing. But nothing seems to be just what I’m looking for. I have no hope, I have no faith, I find myself stuck in last place. Nowhere to run with nowhere to turn. I can’t confide in myself while I have nothing left to look forward to. And I’m stuck in this rut that’s left me here with no ambitions and I have no hope, no hope to get out. I’m losing touch, with all familiar faces, and finding faith, in all of the wrong places. There’s no right answers, I have no way to get out, I can’t step forward when my whole life is backwards. My eyes are open but my mind is closed. I have no compassion and my heart is cold. I’m stubborn, I’m bitter, I’ve lost my way. At the end of this dead end road. I’ve fallen out of the circle and I’m not making a stride to change. I’m bitter, I’m angry, forever alone. This is something that I should have always known. I’m bitter, I’m angry, forever alone. With nowhere to call mine, nowhere to call home.
Track Name: Depression
With age maybe I’ll get wiser. Maybe I’ll find some stability. But for now my mind continues to wander. Further and further away from reality. Nothing left. We’re growing old. Depression. We’ve lost the hope in our lives. As these days get worse. Depression. We’re gearing up to say our goodbyes. We’ve reached the bottom. Depression. There’s only one way left to go to get out of this depression. Everyone else is growing up, finding real lives and falling in love. I’m too busy fucking up wasting my life in basements and run down clubs. We’re out of luck. No clear destination goes together with no hopes or dreams. Leads us further into this depression and nothing is ever as it fucking seems. Leads us to never wanting to wake up. Our hearts, our eyes, our minds our shut. But we can never get enough because by now we’re used to fucking up. I’m out of luck and out of touch.
Track Name: Without Direction
Wasted words and wasted thoughts. This wasted ink becomes a wasted song. And I’ve wasted time for far too long and everything I’m about to say is wrong. I can’t recall a night that hasn’t ended up like this. Where my mind is in a place that is filled with hate and bitterness. Trying my hardest to change every way that I feel. But inside I know the answers that happiness and love aren’t real. I’ve got a fascination with running things into the ground. I’ve got a sick fixation with watching happiness come crashing down. Is this a cry for help that I’m too stubborn to admit I need? Or a realization of a hell that’s constantly surrounding me. These are the words I hoped that you would never have to hear or see. But this song is the only way that I can get this out of me. Without hope. Without direction. I’ll sew my mouth shut and lock myself out and hide everything that I have to say.
Track Name: Pacify
No holding down my fists, no biting on my tongue. Act of holding back, long fucking gone. No decency anymore, morals and respect thrown to the floor. Patience is a lost cause because my tolerance has faded this. Lost control. Weaknesses will never show again. Losing all control of my actions. ON the brink of insanity. I have nothing but contempt for humanity. Too much time wasted on peace builds too much anger that needs to be released. I’m not quick to fucking jump but my mind is ready to blow up. Kindness mistaken for weakness. Passiveness becomes aggressiveness. And it’s a shame if you see this because it means your actions have come to an end. I’ve grown tired of overthinking, more accustomed to fucking swinging. My tolerance is fucking sinking into a place that I’ve never seen before.
Track Name: Business Of Belief
Building up the monuments and statues that you love so much. Why waste your time and money on a world that doesn’t give a fuck? But you’re not fooling us. We know where your heart truly is. Help’s not on your mind it’s the rich and selfish life you live. Become a slave, hand your life away, they’ll give you hope that everything okay. Cash in your life, follow the light, do as they say, live the Christian way. The business of belief is booming, your priests and leaders are cashing in. Where’s the help that is promised with belief? How did your faith pay out? The poor are still poor, the sick are dying, where the fuck did your money go? I can’t begin to waste my time on a business disguised as salvation. When does this time and money pay off? They’re just business leaders disguised as so called preachers. Rather than give back you build your homes up to the sky and condemn all of those who don’t seek your false guidance. You are the true sinners in this fucked up world.