Lay Waste

by Lay Waste

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released May 2, 2013



all rights reserved


GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Wounds
Reliving this horror again and again
I gave you this life and i can take it away
I keep screaming right in your ear,
But you won’t hear, you’ll never hear.

That we would rather be ruined than changed
We would rather be ruined than changed
I am a self-made man, you will never be what i have become

Force fed again and again
Complacency runs through your veins
And you ignorance, is your bliss
Track Name: Saints
This goes beyond my hate and cannot be undone
Through your suffering, I will overcome
This test that you’re living, will never prepare you
For what you call, your wasted fucking life

You try and take away everything that I hold true
You need to stay away from everything that I love (x2)

Keep talking shit
This is for life, this is forever

Give me a reason. Just give me one good reason
You feed this filth with your way of life
Another broken promise you made to yourself
Your words will only make me stronger
Track Name: Faithless
Lies are the horror that hold your meaningless life together
I don’t want a fucking confession
Your beliefs an unconscious obsession

It’s time to get up off of your knees
You never meant shit to me
It’s time to get up off of your knees
You have always been dead to me

Your prayers were never answered
You sit there with a cracked smile
The noose is around your neck

I hope you rot
Track Name: Burn in Hell
Committing evil for a better world, while the masses suffer in silence
Preaching salvation to a mindless heard, not tolerance, but complacence
Let ignorance be your bliss, as i fuck you in your gods hands
While your praying bites the dust, i want to fuck you in your gods hands

You pay homage to a false moral code
I’d rather burn in your hell
Condemn the weak in the name of your god
When did this become a culture of despair?

You call this slander of your fictitious set of beliefs
Think don’t pray.