Lost Below

by Black Mask

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released February 4, 2014



all rights reserved


GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Extinction
Constantly awaiting any form of anyone again. In the face of death you are nothing. Grey rain, drown my soul. Tear into oblivion. Haunt my every existence

I'm Lost below, used up, let down. PURGE OF HOPE. Pathetic existence. I'm weakened and worthless but you are nothing, it was all in vain.

You are Alone. It was all in vain. Stop acting like you've been chosen. It was all in vain.
Constantly waiting for final judgment. It was all in vain
Track Name: Tormented
Tormented, it goes on every day. I struggle to grasp if misfortune will pass. I close my eyes, and slip away. Swallowing, my concern, my essence of being, I've been cast out, forsaken, forgotten. I Let my anguish devour me. My way out.

Forsaken forgotten this can not be true, I'll let my hatred devour you.

I am digging my own grave
Track Name: Loss
Every shadow passes right above me.The pain grows within me. I've lost my strength. I've lost my strength and lost my sanity. Every thought whispers through me. I've lost my strength. I've lost my strength, I'm loosing everything. Born for death
Track Name: Hollow Soul
Submerged into darkness. I step into misery. My longing to rot and,sink into this earth, into the abyss.

a black hole reaching for nothing.

Longing, to rot, craving, extinction
Track Name: Judgement
I refuse to believe this was all for nothing. Trading all your hope for a hollow soul. You Drain the life out. Join the enslaved mass
Track Name: Profound Illusion
You led us here down the path of woe. Heads out bowed in shame. Ghosts as real as the night. Forever cold, forever nothing.

There is no coming home. I am one with the void. Profound illusion forever eternal. Face the fire.

Carved from earth, my life is finally my own. I took my last breath but I'm still alive