Society Sucker

by Society Sucker

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released September 16, 2014



all rights reserved


GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Sentenced
Sold my soul just to get by,
Stuck in hell so I can survive.
Caught in a race I don’t want to run,
Counting down until my sentence is done.
Each passing day,
A part of me dies.
Every lost moment,
I fall further inside.
Sentenced to live a lifetime in hell,
Sentenced to live in this cell.
Take a walk with me,
So you can see that the devil is a man like you and me.
Track Name: Burdened
I’m only human,
And I can only take so much.
At my ropes end,
I’ve had enough.
Trapped in a prison and my mind holds the key,
No escape,
No parole,
No justice for me.
Around every bend lies a nightmare from my past,
Around every corner another dead end.
I’ve trapped myself inside these walls I’ve built so high,
Never to escape my life will pass me by.
Destined to rot in a prison I’ve created,
Doomed to a fate that I can’t escape.
Track Name: The Hangman
Time goes on but everything stays the same,
Same shit every passing day.
You think you caught a break but you really got caught in a race against the clock.
This life’s a noose,
And the hangman is coming fast.
This life’s a noose,
And its time to loosen the knot.
Day after day,
Night after night,
He’s always one step behind.
The time is now to make a move because the hangman is coming for all of you.
Track Name: Repeat Offender
Sad to say it but you know its true,
We all know the case with people like you.
The story is the same every single time,
You’re just along for the ride.
No more lies and no free rides,
The road ends here this time.
Repeat offender you’ll never change,
My trust in you has turned to shame.
I don’t know how you live with yourself,
I don’t know how you sleep at night,
You’re just a joke who will never change.
No hope,
No change in sight,
No redemption this is your identity.
I wont feel sorry when this catches up to you,
I wont apologize when that day comes.
A worthless motherfucker who will learn the hard way,
Down and out you’ll see your day.
Track Name: Powerless
A choice that wasn’t yours to make,
A life that wasn’t yours to take.
Broken vows and broken trust,
Towering over the powerless.
Meaningless death at the hands of a fool,
Never stopping to think this through.
You only serve your own,
You don’t protect.
Your power is the hand around our necks.
Judge without a jury now your words mean nothing,
You will never know how this feels.