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You can get a physical copy of this 7" at www.coldcutsmerch.com/gtrr


released January 10, 2010



all rights reserved


GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Cut Short - I Just Want To Go Home Tonight
Dead faces, staring back. Any compassion, always lacked. My head’s a ghost town, so alone. Stuck in places I’ll never belong. Constant judgment a swipe away. You don’t know what it means to be me. I try to sleep it off, just to wake up and die all over again. These so-called friends watch me break down again. And they cant fucking save me. I need something, something to hold onto. With empty hands I’m slipping through. With my love so fucking worn, and my heart charged full of arrows. I’m never coming back…
Track Name: Cut Short - 8:45 AM
Track Name: Cut Short - Mothers
Every guiding light is always fading. And we known these days aren’t fucking changing. I don’t feel so well. Seeing myself in night lights just to know I’m alive. Now all I hear is the fucking sound of my hopes and dreams hitting the fucking ground. Take these days away. Reminding me of brighter days. As the sun comes crashing down on me. Telling me to laugh, love and try, but I cant ease these tired eyes. I’ve found the time spent on wishing and building dreams has been wasted (so fucking wasted). I’m always being robbed of my fucking best (before being given a chance), a fucking chance at all. Watching words crumble to dust, I become so weak inside. The only reason that I have survived, robbed the world right before my eyes. And I’ve burned the wick at both ends. As if a knife to my throat, I’m beginning to fucking choke on the words I hear. We’ll never make it. We’ll never make it through this life. We were never meant to. We were never meant to fucking last.
Track Name: Burdens - Grind My Teeth
Wasting away, no longer sane, hiding from demons that call on my name. your judging stares cut me to the bone, and in a crowded room, I still feel alone. These days are killing me, and I try so hard to see through all these clouded thoughts of panic and anxiety. This aggravation forever taunts my thoughts. My mental health slowly starts to rot. I’m not the same man I thought I’d be, my biggest achievement is misery. Day by day, stuck in my mind. Drenched in cold sweat, with no more teeth to grind.
Track Name: Burdens - Awaiting Vultures
Surrounded by vultures, they circle above. Waiting for my time. I don’t need to take on your problems, because I got mine. Can you feel my pain? (Can you feel it?). there’s nails inside my fucking head. I haven’t slept for days (I’m shaking). I wish they’d find me fucking dead. I’m fucked, and its plain to see that there’s no fucking light that’s guiding me. So strip the meat from my bones, ‘cause there’s no fucking place that I want to be. So can you feel my pain? Do you want to see the day to day stress that is biting me? I know in the end, you’ll leave with a smile. Because you shed tears like a crocodile. (I don’t care) about your shit. (I’m not fine) I’m breaking down. (fuck this life) and so I welcome the vultures. I give up this fight.
Track Name: Burdens - Untitled
Bred to be fucked by the machine. Devoured souls of the weak. You’ll never hide, or justify, oppression and the genocide. How far have we come? Not fucking far enough. The flag will always run red with blood, there is no cover-up. Blind to facts. A useless race of fucking apes with no spines in there backs. Liberty is a fucking whore and she spins a web of lies. Using fear as her weapon, and faith as her disguise. And she fills me with this fucking hate. Open your eyes, you’re all to blame. I wanna burn every fucking flag and every fucking church and unleash the seeds of hate that gave this nation birth. Blind to facts. A useless race of apes with no spines in their backs.