by Holy Pinto

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released May 5, 2015



all rights reserved


GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Tooth
Like a fly drawn to a lightbulb,
In that blacklight shade of blue.
I clench my jaw repeatedly,
But I’ve never lost a tooth.

So get that in your head,
That you’ll get what you deserve.
I have no doubt,
That you’ll get what you deserve.

But you’re safe for now.

There are traits I cannot alter,
There are traits I can’t lose.
My uncle gave me surgery,
On said, aforementioned tooth.
Track Name: Daughter
In a dream you had my daughter,
She looked just like her mother who,
Believed in you.

But your talk, it drives me crazy.
The bitter adds nothing at all.
You can’t taste the sweetness in victory.
Tame living when, you’re 23,
Desperate for autonomy.

In a dream you had my daughter,
She looked just like her mother who,
Believed in you.
Salt the wound that is my hunger,
As cruel as a brother who,
Gave up on you.

I can’t promise you grace,
Baby life won’t wait,
I’ve got five years left to go.

Polar opposites of being,
Through this dream I am swimming.
Of who, do you think?
When you close your eyes, to fall asleep,
Don’t end up like me.
Track Name: Swim
I wish I could swim overseas,
In search of all the answers.
I think about your chemistry,
And how you never got better.

With your mother in the kitchen, teary eyed,
What she’s wondering; is how I made it free.

While you struggled with the poetry,
They went in search of heaven.
I felt it nipping at my heels,
The rotten taste of failure.

Hiding from the dogma,
Fighting foul, with anger warming me.

Live well, ‘cause you have to.
I don’t know what you’ve got to do,
But I guess I’ll see you in the end.

So, go play piano,
I will sleep away the day.
You can find me eavesdropping,
From the top of the stairs.
Just find comfort in the sounds like I do.
‘Cause without that, there’s nothing,
To hold on to.

I heard hammers on the strings,
In the hallway by my front door.
Ghosts buried in the themes,
The dull ache of heavy thought again.
I guess I’ll see you in the end.