The Unveiling

by Dead Reprise

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released September 3, 2010



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GTR Records Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a small independent label that releases music we enjoy!

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Track Name: Unleash The Havoc
The seven seals. The signs are clear. The seven trumpets. All hail the end. A society based on fear. A climate for passiveness. A prophecy for the coming days, or a false alarm for enslavement? Over and over again. Its time. Embrace the end. The domination of the mind. A nation in despair. This is the passage. Unleash the havoc. Embrace the end. We witness the signs of the foreseen revelation. Pestilence. War and Death. The Famine.
Track Name: Signs Of Reality
Always running away. We are crawling in the dark. No more ignorance. We must reject the lies. There is no one as blind as those who will not see. Searching for the truth with one open eye. Running away from the right path. Breaking through the illusions. Reject everything. Hiding in the shadows. We walk this lonely earth. Kill this dream tonight. We must break us free.
Track Name: Hades Inferno
Watching this world decay. We slowly erase this bleeding earth. Seems like we are left to judge ourselves. I refuse to be part of this dying world. Alpha and omega is closing in. Hades inferno. Our judgment day. At the dawn of the apocalypse. Devastation assaults the land. World decay. Seeing this world in flames. The time for action is rising high. We will never inherit the earth. I refuse to be part of this dying world. Generations inherit the wasteland. Mankind cast from Eden. Time is urgent. Running out.
Track Name: Deliverance
Track Name: Against The Tide
A constant struggle against the tide. True wisdom comes from endurance. I refuse to be a broken man. All alone in this cold world. Staring into these black empty eyes. This battle is between me and my Gemini. A constant battle that I always lose. A conscious mind against the tide. Cleansing my own soul from the apathy. I refuse to be a constant failure all alone in this cold world. The bastard in me ignites darker days. Temptation rising this downward spiral.
Track Name: Undefeated
You think we are down for the count, crashing to the ground. But you are wrong. We’re back again, heading for the crown. Mark my word. You think you won the fight. Never to back down but you are wrong. Been talking the same old lies again, its time to prove you wrong. We run this game on our own. We are here to prove you wrong. Still strong after all these years. Its time to prove you wrong.
Track Name: Purification
Nine circles of inferno, a journey of the human faults. A punishment for every sin, a final price for the wrongfulness. Violence, betrayal and heresy, the guilty cast in a special place. Lost in the gates of hell, assailed by beasts, enter the underworld. Pride, and envy and wrathfulness. Wherein the human spirit do purge itself. Climb from the bottomless pit. Nine circles trapped in a no mans world. Nine circles of inferno, a journey of the human faults. A punishment for every sin, a final price for the wrongfulness. Let them all rot in hell. Fallen humanity, forever destroyed. All the scums, let them be washed from the streets. All the wickedness, cast down this human filth. Humanity purified in the circles.
Track Name: The Purgatory
The Righteousness tipping the scales. Repent or die. Weighing the sins of man on the judgment day. Salvation comes in white, with mercy for the unredeemed. Peace and justice will prevail. Repent or die. Arise and build a new on the judgment day. Seeing signs of recognition. Pray for a second chance. Unbound for eternal pain. Crossing down the purgatory. Cleansing our souls. Grasp for salvation. Running from the knight of death. Visions of a fallen mankind. Repent or die. Resist the death. Pray for life. No redemption in the torment.
Track Name: Cease To Exist
Civilization will never be the same. The final stage. A global agenda. Technology in the power of a fearsome mind. More signs of the coming days. Possess the future in full scale. The aftermath. Silent death. End of days. Our destiny. We are condemned to die in vain. Cease to exist. Death emerge. The horse in red, unveiling conquest with the sword of war. Civilization, only ashes remains. The second seal reveals horrifying days.
Track Name: The Famine (ft. Human Furnace)
Take it over and get control. No time for peace and no remorse. Fighting for something with no regret. One life to live, everything to lose. In the hands of a fearsome mind, we all die tonight. The ignorance of a dying man. A moment of silence before it ends. Creator of death, never to rest. There will be no white flag on your door. Your march to victory will kill us all.
Track Name: Wolves Disguised
You cover yourself. The price to pay for saving one more soul. Wolves disguised as samaritans. They claim to speak the word with redemption for sale. Preying on the weak, for the dollar green. Stand in line. The false prophet appears for the masses. One action of faith. The gospel of greed completes the final stage. This is the new terms of morality. We are slaves to the mammon.